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Abhishek Modi

Computer Science, UIUC 2017

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About Me

Abhishek Modi, Eric Ahn, Ace Nassri


I'm part of the Computer Science class of 2017, at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign.



This really is core of who I am. As much as I tried, I couldn't come up with a blurb that really did it justice.

Abhishek Modi at CS 196


I always loved teaching things I'm passionate about. I'm currently Instructing CS 196 and TAing CS 498vr at UIUC.

What I've Been Up To

Projects / Stuff


A solution to help deliver impromptu (read: wing) presentations. Streampoint listens to what is being saying at a presentation to dynamically generate relevant projector slides. It uses speach to text, the Bing API, Wolfram Alpha, and Alchemy API to figure out what is being talked about and generate topical slides about the subject.


A web app that makes setting up a developer environment for a particular technology a very simple and quick process for the user. This app will be able to generate scripts to set up these environments on Windows, OSX, and on popular Linux distros, and will output a terse single line command that the user needs to paste into his terminal to start the set up.

Left 4 VR

A gaming peripheral for the Oculus Rift designed for FPS games. It involves a Nerf Gun that the player uses as his "Armed Controller" and a Glove that is used as the "Unarmed Controller". We've got these set up so that the state and configuration the controllers can be read and therefore mimicked in the game. Check out the Mhacks Video.


Although the field of medicine has advanced tremendously over the last decade, technology has not kept pace. There is no aggregated source for medical data, and customers have no simple way to locate essential medications such as epipens. This is appaling for something this important. QuickMed aims to solve this problem.


One of the most effective ways of learning a new language is to simply use it. However most people who try this while learning a language find it difficult to do so without frequent trips to Google Translate. Troq simplifies this process by allowing simple and non-intrusive translations on the go.


Each year, HackMIT has an optional challenge for entry. The first couple of teams that solve this challenge are guaranteed entry to HackMIT. Mine was one of these of teams. Check out write-up about the challenge.

Google foo.bar

I don't know how much to say here. Let's leave it at - these were some of the most interesting coding challenges I've ever attempted.

This Landing Page

This page is more than a simple landing page. It's a playground with a purpose.